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Before you fly, we ask that you complete a Statement of Risk. Please select the option below which best applies to you.

The Statement of Risk forms a basic legal agreement between us and does not seek to take away any of your statutory rights.

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When you complete the form, you will find small help symbol symbols, for further information on the subject, just hover your mouse cursor over the help symbol.

Upon completion, you will be presented with a multi-digit code. Please make a note of this and bring it with you on the day of your flights. This will allow for a quick and stress-free check-in.

Party leaders should ensure all members of their group know to complete the form electronically and if you are bringing children under 18 please ensure they have a completed form which will need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian on the day.

One final reminder, please remember to arrive in plenty of time and bring your lace up trainers with you (or you can hire some on the day). It is far better to be early, relax, have a drink, watch the flying rather than be a few minutes late and find the class has started without you!

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If you've flown with us before, you know the format but we will need you to check your statement of risk and confirm the details. Once confirmed, you will be issued with a multi-digit code. Please bring this with you on the day of your flights to insure a quick and stress-free check-in. You will find your username and password on the email we sent after your last flight.

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